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Over the years your home experiences storm and weather damage, or just years of wear and tear. The high moisture exposure in the Puget Sound area is a another factor if you have wood siding. Wood is porous and can act like a sponge when exposed to wet and damp weather conditions. This leads to dry rot, mold, and exterior home damage. Your home may need a cosmetic facelift or repair. Get an honest assessment to determine if you need full siding replacement, partial replacement, or repair only. Not all conditions require full replacement and our honest evaluations will determine and make recommendations based on your home's actual need.

What product is right for your home? Though we specialize in Fiber cement and wood products, you don't have to stick with this choice. Siding has come a long way in recent years and the right product is designed to last and hold up against extreme weather conditions. We will give you an honest assessment of your choice, along with recommendations based on our experience. You can then make a confident decision on the products you want.

Your home is unique and we evaluate and assess your home's individual needs. We will not recommend work that does not need to be done. If you do not need a full replacement, we will not encourage it in our quote. Sometimes your home may require repair or partial siding replacement. Our fair and honest evaluations insures you only contract what you need. We offer a full guarantee in all products we install and in the work we provide.

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