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Reasons to Replace Your Windows

Do you need to replace your windows, or can you keep the existing ones and have them repaired for damage or to improve energy efficiency? There are many factors to consider when deciding to replace or repair your home's windows.

Many older homes have weathered beaten wood framed, old casement, or aluminum single pane windows. Older windows can be damaged, warped, broken or difficult to open or close, and some may not stay open on their own. Poorly sealed windows lead to moisture buildup, condensation buildup, or mold and rot from water moisture. These are a few common conditions that causes homeowners to need window repair or replacement.

Other reasons to replace your windows could be for aesthetic reasons. If you are selling your home you may need to meet the terms of your real estate contract. Many times this is negotiable in the sale of a home and some listing agents will suggest it to improve the home's value.

Replacement of old worn windows improves and enhances the look of a home, while warps, cracks and dents can cause exposure to drafts and result in higher energy bills.

Another condition is to replace smaller windows with larger ones to provide better lighting in the home. Better lighting can lead to improved health conditions as well as improve the level of well being in the home.

Some of these conditions may only require repair which can be less costly, such as re-caulking or replacement of weather stripping. However, some conditions are more severe and require complete replacement.

When it comes to replacing or repairing your windows, it's important that you make an appropriate assessment of their current condition. What conditions are you dealing with such as excess heat or too much moisture and thus, what type of window would be the best replacement? There are also technical specifications that will help determine the type of replacement you will need. With today's technology, there is a wealth of information that you can research and educate yourself with.

You can also talk to a qualified contractor and ask for a professional assessment. At 1st Washington Home Exteriors, we provide honest assessments of your windows, providing you with the information you need to make the proper decision. We do not recommend replacement if repair is all you need. And if replacement is the diagnosis, we provide choice material and manufacturers for you to choose from. There is no single window that can satisfy all conditions your home may be dealing with, therefore, we do not limit your choices to one brand, type or style. We can provide you with the proper information you need to make the right choices for your replacement needs.

Our services include:

  • Full window replacement
  • Retrofit replacement
  • Single or multiple window replacement
  • Repair (does not include glass repair)

We install windows using industry standards and specifications.



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